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I did enjoy the rates on the plan but if I didn't have wifi access, I didn't have service. Too many times I was left with my phone alerting me that I no wifi and no cell service while everyone else around me had no issues at all.

Often even at home on my secure wifi, the phone would drop out, alert me to not having access to any network and if I restarted the phone it might come back online. Recently dropped their service and had to jump through hoops to port the number to my new carrier. I discovered my new phone was not sending/receiving texts. It turns out Republic is holding that part of the data until the end of the billing cycle.

During that time I missed some important messages and people weren't getting important messages from me.

So if you don't mind paying a low price for part time service, Republic might be for you. I, for one am happy to be moving on even knowing I'm paying more to do so.

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